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A few graduated projects:

Current Projects

Crossbell Sky - FOR SALE

Duke is a 15 y/o 15.3hh registered AQHA gelding.  Previously a trail and road-riding mount for his AA owner, Duke has graduated to our lesson program.  He enjoys jumping, trail riding, and has just started showing!  Duke is available for sale on a limited basis to a perfect home only, as he has become an integral part of our team.  Click here for more information!

Project Program

What is it?

Our project program involves intentionally procuring or shopping for horses or ponies within a certain budget, age range, and with specific conformational and personality characteristics.  Most of the projects come from loving homes but are unsuited for their current jobs or for their current owners due to behavioral issues.  After obtaining a new project horse or pony, we spend time figuring out its strengths and weaknesses before mapping out a plan and schedule for their retraining and future sale.  Most projects are in training for about 6-9 months before being sold.  During that time period, they're exposed to as many things as possible, including trail riding, jumping, showing, riding in groups, performing in lessons, lunging, and learning proper groundwork.  If necessary, they're also brought up-to-date on all of their veterinary, dental, chiro, and farrier work.  We usually aim to have 2-3 projects in our program at any given time. 

Projects are both ridden and shown by the students in our lesson and training program, giving unique opportunities to students outside of their own personal horses.


Opportunities for investment and ownership are also available to bring on additional projects at any given point in time!


Check out our social media pages for current updates on all of our project horses and ponies!

1st photo: Desi and Allie at a dressage show at the Kentucky Horse Park

2nd photo: Tater Tot and Kennedy at Tot's first hunter show

3rd photo: Luna and Allie showing Novice at Winona HT

Go Trumpy Go - NEW PROJECT

"Sipp" is a 7 y/o thoroughbred gelding we picked up after watching his calm demeanor in his stall and in the paddock before heading to the gate for what became his final race on 10/28/19. Sipp is currently doing some light hacking, enjoying turnout with his new buddies, and gaining some post-track weight. We will retain his 2020 RRP Makeover eligibility by keeping his riding time minimal until December 1, at which point we are hoping to restart him as a hunter prospect! Stay tuned!

Ada's SunshineLady - NEW PROJECT

"Vada" is a 6 y/o thoroughbred mare that finished racing in December of 2018 due to her previous owner's heart attack. She was scoped and diagnosed with an entrapped epiglottis in June of 2019 and was pulled out of work at that time. Eventually, she will need corrective surgery; for now, she is enjoying some light hacking as she settles in to her new home and is working on gaining trust and confidence. She is a sweet, gentle, and athletic mare! We will also retain her 2020 RRP Makeover eligibility by keeping her riding time minimal until December 1.