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Our Paul Thomas - IN TRAINING

"Tommy" is a 5 y/o 15.3hh thoroughbred gelding who originated from the same training barn (different owners) as both Sipp and Vada. He is a 15.3hh, stout guy with a bit of a swayback. When we watched him jog in late October, he broke into a canter that had us ready to take him home! He made his way into Ohio after finishing his last race poorly on 11/10/19. Tommy is a bold, but collected, gelding that has settled in quickly and nicely. He LOVES to have his face pet and will sit and snuggle for as long as you let him. He is eligible for the 2020 Makeover and could potentially compete in the event in October of this year!

Ada's SunshineLady - RECOVERING

"Vada" is a 7 y/o thoroughbred mare that finished racing in December of 2018 due to her previous owner's heart attack, and was pulled out of work in June of 2019 due to a breathing issue. Vada had a hopeful, but high-risk corrective surgery on Tuesday, 11/26/19, which she has been recovering very well from. She is a sweet and gentle mare; we plan to officially start her back in our training program this summer and are optimistic about her future. She is eligible for the 2020 Thoroughbred Makeover and could be competing in the event in October of this year!


"Hershey" is a 3 y/o grade large pony filly that we brought home in April 2020. She was rescued by her previous family and had been living the good life as a family pet. After a few TLC appointments in her near future - vet, farrier, dentist, massage, etc. - Hershey will start her training with some basic groundwork to help with her manners (she is VERY friendly!) before starting her under saddle work. Though she is in much better shape than when she was rescued, she is still working on gaining some weight, so we are in no hurry to get her started. Stay tuned for updates!



"Eclipse" is a coming 4 y/o grade mare that arrived a few days after Hersey in April 2020. She was purchased by her previous owners as a potential future mount for their grandchildren. When their family moved across the country, they began looking for a new home for Eclipse. Eclipse is a very sweet and sensitive mare; she's a bit wary of being touched around her face and currently does not understand what treats are (or that they're delicious!). We are working on building trust while incorporating groundwork into her life. Her trust issues also make her a bit herd-bound at the moment, something we hope will dissipate as her training continues. She was previously started under saddle, but we will begin again from the ground up! Eclipse is currently intended as a dressage prospect; stay tuned for updates!

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