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Current Projects

Crossbell Sky - FOR SALE

Duke is a 15 y/o 15.2hh registered AQHA gelding.  Previously a trail and road-riding mount for his AA owner, Duke has graduated to our lesson program.  He enjoys jumping, trail riding, and has done a couple local shows. He is the perfect horse for our students to learn to canter and jump on, as he is honest a steady to the jump each and every time.  Duke is available for sale on a limited basis to a perfect home only, as he has become an integral part of our team.  Click here for more information!

Ada's SunshineLady - STALL REST

"Vada" is a 6 y/o thoroughbred mare that finished racing in December of 2018 due to her previous owner's heart attack and was pulled out of work in June of 2019 due to a breathing issue. Vada had a hopeful, but high-risk corrective surgery on Tuesday, 11/26, and will be on stall rest for 4-6 weeks before being re-evaluated. She is a sweet and gentle mare; keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she endures a tough month of healing! 

Father Bud - NEW PROJECT

"Forrest" is a 7 y/o 16.3hh thoroughbred gelding who raced a whopping 56 times before retiring from the track sound in November of 2019. He is a sensitive gelding with a lovely, uphill build and great feet. Unlike many of our 2019 prospects, Forrest will need a bit of downtime as he adjusts to farm life and prepares for a second career.  Stay tuned for how he progresses and for training updates!

Go Trumpy Go - FOR SALE

"Sipp" is a 7 y/o thoroughbred gelding we picked up after watching his calm demeanor in his stall and in the paddock before heading to the gate for what became his final race on 10/27/19. Sipp is currently doing some light hacking, enjoying turnout with his new buddies, and gaining some post-track weight. He is also in the midst of a 30-day ulcer treatment and has had both dental and farrier work since arriving nearly a month ago. We are retaining his 2020 RRP Makeover eligibility by keeping his riding time minimal until December 1; however, he will make for an easy restart for riders of any discipline and skill level and is available for sale! Check out his information and video here.

Our Paul Thomas - NEW PROJECT

"Tommy" is a 4 y/o 15.3hh thoroughbred gelding who originated from the same training barn (different owners) as both Sipp and Vada. He is a 15.3hh, stout guy with a bit of a swayback. When we watched him jog in late October, he broke into a canter that had us ready to take him home! He made his way into Ohio after finishing his last race poorly on 11/10/19. Tommy is a bold, but collected, gelding that has settled in quickly and nicely. He LOVES to have his face pet and will sit and snuggle for as long as you let him. He is eligible for the 2020 Makeover and will retain his eligibility even as he begins training for a second career! Stay tuned!